flow (flō, fləʊ, floʊ)

1. to move along or run smoothly in a stream; to circulate
2. to proceed steadily and easily

3. to exhibit a smooth or graceful continuity


1. the smooth motion characteristic of fluids
2. a stream, current or flood

3. continuous movement or circulation


Doesn’t life feel like a river? A steady flow, running fluidly along a stream. Sometimes low tide, sometimes high. Sometimes the current is strong, sometimes weak.

Doesn’t life feel like a river? Always moving forward, no matter what you do. We may try to deflect its course, but we can never invert its direction.

Doesn’t life feel like a river? An ever-changing journey. “You can never step into the same river twice”, the saying goes. But, despite that, you keep on wishing to be miles ahead from where you are. And then regret the past that you’ve never lived. Remember learning should be sequential, gradual, cumulative.

Go with the flow.

Living is a lot like a river. Don’t rush. Flow as you go.

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