A high intensity workout plan for your English

The Intermediate language plateau is not a theoretical concept. It is a reality and unfortunately the cause of much of the frustration language learners feel. How do we know this? We’re non-natives in many languages we speak, just like you.

Learning a foreign language is very similar to practising sports or working out at the gym.

Beginners get excited by the progress they make, which is normally very clear despite their initial struggle, and that keeps them going. Advanced users, on the other hand, get motivated by the mastery they reach and, after acknowledging that there’s not much more room for them to grow, they focus on maintenance and finer details.

What about the middle? This should be where the virtue lies, but it’s usually frustration what takes over the place. Most intermediate users get to a point where they know the language, but they can’t effectively use the language. So they feel they are not evolving, because progress is not as clear as it used to be, and demotivation settles in. They get trapped by a feeling of stagnation and we all know what happens next.

So, how do you know that SWIT is for you?

If you are an Intermediate user and your English level is somewhere between B1 and B2, SWIT is for you.

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If you can understand most of this text but struggle to keep a conversation in English, SWIT is for you.

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If you use Google Translator every time you need to write an email in English, SWIT is for you.



No grammar. No lecturing. No bullshit.

Focus on practice.

SWIT is designed to take your English to the next level

Speak up
Join online power classes in small groups to boost your speaking


Write up
Join online power classes in small groups to boost your writing

Several times a week | 1 hour duration | high intensity | English only

Power Tips
Daily messages with tips about using English to fuel up your individual practice


Extra Practice
Get exclusive access to a forum to connect to other SWITers and ask questions

Full access 24/7 | teacher-moderated | English only

Super Member
Just as at the gym, with SWIT monthly membership you get access to all the mentioned features.


Members also get a 50% off in assessment sessions to track individual progress